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Monday, December 20, 2010

Profil facebook baru - Cun Weh



Cool dan kreatif kan profil baru facebook brader Alexandre Oudin ni.

1) Take a screenshot of your current Facebook page.
2) Create a new Photoshop doc.
3) Grab the Slice tool (same family as the Crop tool) and select around the pictures.
4) With the Marquee tool, select around the sliced areas.
5) Bring the image that you want on Facebook into Photoshop and position it roughly the   way you want it.
6) Drag the image layer under the Facebook layer and refine your positioning.
7) Go to “File,” select “Save for web and devices,” select all your document area, click “Jpeg, set the quality to 100% and save. Under slices select “All user slices.”
 Upload your pictures to Facebook and tag them from last to first. When you get to the first picture click “Make this my profile picture.”
Comprende? Tak Faham? Susah? Try

Chiaooo -

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